Local Work

Local Work


Names and country: __________________________________________

In this assignment you’ll design an advertising plan for a typical product from one of the participating countries in the project. It may not be a product from your own country.


A good advertising plan should help the advertiser tell people about the business, about the products and services for sale, and the benefits of buying from your business. It should also build customer confidence, attract new customers, keep present customers coming back and help make the business profitable. To accomplish all these objectives is not an easy task.


This will be a team assignment (work in groups of three or four). You will choose one of the following ideas


The promotion ideas are:

  1. Write a news release for the newspaper using the proper format of heading, date, to, from, release date,
  2. Design a window display for a shopping mall setting (Photo)
  3. A billboard
  4. A 30-second radio ad and play it on proper technology
  5. Direct mail advertisement (online or by traditional mail)
  6. A 60-second TV commercial: show it the data projector


Remember: you can choose your own subject matter but the promotion items cannot be illegal, immoral, or inappropriate for the classroom setting. All groups must present their teacher with an outline of what will be covered in their ads for approval of content.


If you have questions, please ask your teachers.


Steps to take:

  1. Do a short research into typical products from the countries involved (Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Sweden and Basque Country)
  2. Choose a product.
  3. Choose a mode of advertisement as mentioned above.
  4. Think of a specific angle which you would like to highlight in your advertisement (i.e. healthy, fashionable, strong, sustainable, fun etc etc).
  5. Design your advertisement.
  6. Put your names and country on the advertisement.


Hand in your work before the deadline your teacher tells you.


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